27 de abril de 2012

Que pena…

“When Barcelona reached the 1986 European Cup final, a 15-year-old ballboy raced on to the pitch and pleaded with Victor Muñoz, scorer of the decisive penalty against Gothenburg in the shootout, for his shirt. The ballboy was Guardiola. During one match against Madrid he ran up to the referee and told him he was playing with the emotions of an entire nation, and he was not talking about Spain. When Andrés Iniesta was a kid, there were two posters on his wall at La Masía: one was of Catherine Zeta Jones, the other was Pep Guardiola. Cesc Fábregas still treasures the signed Guardiola shirt he was given as a youth-team player at the club.”

Guardiola saiu. Guardem os VTs.

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