21 de agosto de 2010

começou o jogo sujo, pesado, desleal e tristemente previsível contra Assange e Wikileaks

Assange foi acusado de estupro na Suécia. Mais detalhes, aqui.

O comentário do Trotsky (lol), que reproduzo na íntegra, acertou na mosca:

Here we go.

Watch this entire saga unfold very, very closely and you will see how the great and enlightened democracies of the 21st century deal with citizens who dare to assert freedom of information and true participation in the governing process.

As progressive as Sweden may or may not be, it is still a government and therefore its purpose is to protect the people Assange is challenging. First rule of Fight Club is that no government on earth today owes any allegiance whatsoever to the common citizen or any principles of egalitarian justice, their public relations and propaganda to the contrary.

Strike that naive thought from your skull.

I saw a video of Assange and he seemed to be flirting with a women who appeared to be a WikiLeaks colleague. I wondered if Assange was canny enough to realize that opponents will inevitably attempt to get agents close to him to ensnare him in some sort of sexual scandal. It's extremely common to infiltrate dissident groups with attractive females either to encourage, record, or entangle in some sort of sexual scandal. That's subversion 101.

It's entirely possible, likely I'd suggest, that any victims of "rape" are deliberately placed as assets to undo WikiLeaks.

The charges were issued then withdrawn for two primary reasons: 1) they are spurious, and would not endure scrutiny in a court of law, 2) the parties involved know full well that merely the *ACCUSATION* of this crime will immediately damn him irreparably in the eyes of some 70% of the public.

The mainstream press will inevitably report this in a shoddy and dishonest fashion and the allegation will become fact in the routine process of distortion and manipulation. The parties who issued this know that full well.

In other words, by saying: "Molester... just kidding," you've already done your work. That's what smearing is. It's damaging assertions which have little or no basis in fact. All you have to say is: "I heard you fuck little boys, but it's probably not true."

Also, the way smearing works is you build a perimeter of accusation and innuendo that becomes blurred as the years pass. So today, most of us here at BB see this as a transparent ploy, but five years from now, many will recall "oh, wasn't this the guy who was accused of rape or something?" And by that time, other innuendo will be added to the process to begin whittling support away. You just keep adding spurious charges to begin to marginalize Assange and WikiLeaks.

It should also be noted that most governments pass through a variety of stages and tactics before they commit assassination. Bribery, sexual scandal, attempts to induce despair, suicide, and resignation in the subject. Finally, if all of these efforts fail, the target is merely killed. Rarely by bullet. Unless it is the intention of the assassins to communicate terror to the public. To say: "We know this person is valuable to you, but we fucking shot him in the head anyway. None of you are safe."

Recall this systemic process of neutralization brought to bear most famously against Martin Luther King Jr. We like to conveniently confine those type of tactics to a loose cannon like J. Edgar Hoover, as the black sheep misadventures of a bygone era, but the fact is those tactics have never diminished and are taught as counterinsurgency in all of the best schools of warfare and dissident suppression, the cream of which reside in the United States.

Students come to America to learn how to perform just this type of suppression, which they call counterinsurgency or counterterrorism.

Assange is not being hunted exclusively by the Americans. He is likely being hunted by teams of multiple nations. If you look at the eventual assassination of Patrice Lumumba, there were multiple teams looking for him, but it was a Belgian team that caught up with him first. You can bet, however, that before he was murdered, multiple calls were placed to the intelligence agencies of other nations (most notably Frank Carlucci, then of the CIA, long before becoming Secretary of Defense under Reagan) to confer before finally dispatching him.

Sweden has a very virulent and vicious right wing that may not be dominant politically, but still wields tremendous influence within the system. No country is monolithically good or evil. Assange may enjoy MORE protection in an Iceland or Sweden, but he is still beset by enemies even there. Plus, agents of global intel freely and routinely violate sovereign nations by committing crimes abroad at their whim. The US or allies would have no qualms in sending agents to dispatch Assange and colleagues in Sweden or any other place on earth. None whatsoever.

Finally, I think Assange knows how this process must unfold. It seems to me that he entered this with open eyes and not ideological delusion. That means he knows full well, his life and freedom are greatly at risk. He knows how this goes, and he knows what these groups will do. More reason to respect and admire him.

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