4 de outubro de 2012

Terra Sagrada

Caramba, que vídeo mais lindo!

via boing boing

PS. Nos comentários do Boing Boing, alguém perguntou, com típica falsa ingenuidade, se todas essas pessoas não poderiam dividir a tal Terra Sagrada. Aí veio uma resposta brilhante:

Well, you see, it works like this. There are three major religions, totaling among them something like 1/3rd of the human race, that believe that there is about a 1 square mile area in the middle of that land that they, and they only, must control. If they have to share it with anyone else, those other people will desecrate it, and that would be worse than if the whole human race died. And so they must fight, even if it costs the life of everyone on Earth, to keep those other two groups from even temporarily sharing that single square mile of ground.

And if we're very, very lucky, maybe an Israeli-Iranian or Israeli-Pakistani nuclear war will some day mean that that one square mile will become so irradiated that nobody can have it, and maybe then we'll get a few moments' peace. Hence the happy ending: the Angel of Death will finally be able to claim it as its own, and not just as the shrine to Death that it's been for the last 4,000 years or so.

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